We offer full service – starting with a meeting with your team to understand your business challenge and ending with a final workshop with your internal stakeholders to deliver our insights and recommendations.

We offer

  • Discussion groups
  • One-to-one depth interviews and paired depths
  • Large-scale workshops
  • Online discussion groups and interviews
  • Online discussion boards/communities

Qualitative Research to understand complex market scenarios

Qualitative research explores the customer mindset and context within which a client proposition would be launched.  Analysis of the data is used to understand the likely intricacies and influencing factors which will determine the success or otherwise of the launch. 

The key word in qualitative research is understanding and interpreting contextual cues present in to determine how to develop and communicate a product to establish relevance, break through the noise and achieve take-up.

Quantitative Research to capture a state-of-the-market picture

Quantitative approaches are best used to answer the what, when and who questions. It can also be used to capture a measure of likely market demand for a client’s product or service. 

We adhere to strict statistical checks to validate data collected and ensure that the insights we present are a reliable representation of the market situation.

We offer

  • Ad hoc online, face-to-face and telephone surveys
  • Customer satisfaction and brand health tracker surveys
  • Mobile and social media studies
  • Client-friendly data tables for your records 

What we do